by Norma Gene Young

I have started re-reading a good book written by Dan Parkinson, who grew up in Liberal, KS. I had forgotten how funny it was, and how close the characters are to some of the older cowboy types around here.

All his books I've read so far are westerns, and this one I'm into now is a dandy. It is “The Guns of No Man's Land”. One tough old cowboy said “Coffee that wouldn't patch a barn roof in a pinch wasn't worth the trouble to drink.” Another remarked “He hasn't got the sense the Lord gave a cowchip.” And in describing an easterner: “He hadn't been west of the Muddy but a month, and he was already beginning to talk like regular folks. There is one school of thought, that the reason Easterners talk so peculiar is that words are like britches. Both are cut and stitched back East, but they just don't wear comfortable until they've been hung out a few times under a prairie sun.”


Some of us older folks here remember the Holler family. The dad was an MD. Carl started to school here, and the family left when he was in about the fourth grade. He now lives in Hampton, VA, and I hear from him occasionally when he is on a wild trip somewhere.

The most recent communication came from Iceland, where he and a few Danes, Brits, and Dutch were on a bus tour with a bunch of Americans. The location at the time he wrote was Reykjahilo, about 100 km south of the Arctic Circle. Another interesting place (or river or something) was Egilsstabir. You pronounce them. I can't.

Carl always tries to be informative. He said “They make extensive use here of the geo thermal heat in the earth by drilling down 3000 feet to tap into 200 degree steam to power turbines to make electricity.” Keep that in mind. I'll be giving a test on it later.


In case you don't have a caller ID, get one. It will save your sanity during this election race. The other day I counted my calls. I had eight from one unidentified group; two from an 800 number with no name; two from unknown name and no number, and 12 from a private name and number. Needless to say, I didn't answer any of these. If the name of the person and number isn't there, forget it.

I signed up for the “no calls” list a while back, but it didn't seem to make much difference. A few that I had answered earlier just wanted my vote, but most of them wanted money too.


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