Detailing the Issues

by Robert Shank

This year “See You at the Pole” has special meaning due to the sacrifices currently being made world wide to assure our freedoms and safety. The number one freedom, which we take for granted, is our freedom of speech, specifically religious expression. Next week, youth across America have the opportunity to express themselves religiously in a setting where such revelation of faith is usually suppressed by peer pressure.

The idea of See You at the Pole is a youth initiated, youth led time of prayer for our schools, our nation, and our leaders. On this one morning at school, it becomes socially acceptable to speak of God and our faith in a public education setting. Unfortunately, separation of church and state has advanced to the point where we have to set aside a special day once a year to share our faith.

On a usual day, prayers are not prayers, but a “moment of silence” and nothing can be adult led. Teachers and staff must dance around religious topics, so as to not offend anyone. The flag of our great nation doesn't have to be saluted and that fact must be posted in all school hallways.

Some extracurricular events offer a “moment of reflection.” What is that anyway? Is it a time to pick your nose while no one is looking? No matter what you call it, young people need more that a “moment of silence” or a “moment of reflection” to honor God. What is wrong with calling a prayer a prayer?

In conclusion, for the sake of our schools, our state, and our nation, attend one of the area See You at the Pole rallies and experience the power of our mighty God at work. See You at the Pole is September 15 at 7:30 a.m. at the local school flagpoles.

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