Disagreement over loud music leads to arrest of two for DUI, PI and assault

by C.F. David

A disagreement over loud music during the late night hours of Aug. 30, lead to the arrest of two Keyes men on charges including assault and battery.

According to a report filed by Cimarron County Undersheriff Larry Taylor, Tanner Williams, 17, approached Justin Henry, 19, and Nolan Cobb, 20 in a vacant lot at the corner of Fourth and Polk Streets in Keyes and asked if the music in the car parked there could be turned down.

Taylor then reported that Henry apparently gave permission; but as Williams moved to turn down the music, he was jumped from behind by Henry. Perceiving a swing being thrown Williams threw the first punch and took Henry to the ground. Then, according to Taylor's report, Cobb joined the fracas. Both he and Henry allegedly punched Williams, eventually overcoming him.

The fight was then reported to Taylor and he and Deputy William “Chip” Jones searched for Cobb and Henry. Having located the car described by Williams, Taylor and Jones then learned that Cobb and Henry had walked to and driven away in another car. They, with Cobb driving, were stopped at the intersection of Fifth and Polk Streets and placed under arrest and jailed. They were released on Wednesday morning under their own recognizance.

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