Detailing the Issues

by Robert Shank

We are now just over one month away from the elections, are you ready to make a well informed vote?

I got the privilege to meet some “Yellow Dog” Democrats at the fair week before last; you know, the ones who say they would rather vote for a yellow dog than a Republican. They say, “I would never vote Republican no matter what.”

That's got to be the most politically stupid way of thinking I have ever heard. I make no bones about the fact that I am a Republican, but I do look at the bigger picture; like what candidate will best defend my values? That's not always a Republican, I can admit it, can you?

In 1992 I really didn't think Bill Clinton could win the White House, well I was wrong. In 1994 the backlash was over­whelming with the congressional rearranging. It looked as if the American voter were fixing a terrible wrong from 1992. Then in 1996 I thought there is no way America would re-elect him again. I guess many others thought the same, so they stayed home and didn't vote. What a disgrace; Clinton again!!

If not for term limits this disgrace would probably have happened again in 2000.

Then for Al Gore to come close to winning in 2000 is frightening. I hate to think where we would be with the war on terror with “Mr. Personality” as president.

But probably the most disturbing thought is that John Kerry could possibly become president. This guy seems to have two different views on every subject. The polls are almost a dead heat, how can it be? Have we forgotten the Clinton years? This country claims to be 78 percent Christian, if that's the case then why did we ever even hear of Bill Clinton, Al Gore, and now John Kerry?

How can Christians vote for the legal killing of babies, same sex unions, the removal of free (Christian) speech in public places, and the total dismantling of moral authority? How can people sit in the pew on Sunday then vote for this liberal filth? No this is not a slam on the Democratic party. Yes liberalism is coveted by the Democratic party but the two are not the same. I realize that in a farming community such as this, many support democrats because of a helpful farm policy; that's great. But what do you give up in return? From what I see today's Republican party is now what the Democrat party used to be, to help and encourage the little guy, tax relief for small business, support a strong military, support strong family values, and dependence on God. Now “YELLOW DOGS” admit it, your party has left you, WAKE UP!!


Lately I've heard some say, “I'm registered Democrat I can't vote Republican.” “YES YOU CAN” in the general election you can vote for any candidate on the ticket. Let's get out and vote. By the way who do you think Osama Binladen would like to see win the presidential race? What's most important for our country, liberal policies or national defense? Myself I will vote strong defense, strong offense, tax relief, moral values, ethics,and patriotism. so in other words I vote “BUSH”.

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