Friday a busy day for lawmen

by C.F. David

A slow day for local lawmen got busy just before noon on Friday, and remained that way for much of the day.

That morning the local Cimarron county Dispatcher, Jo Bocock was notified of a gas drive-off in Springfield, Colo. and put the “be on the lookout” out over the radio.

Troopers, Sheriff's Officers and City Patrolmen were to watch for black 1990s model Ford Ranger pickup with a partial Wyoming tag number of 1585.


Oklahoma Highway Patrol Trooper Adrian Carrillo found the vehicle, north of Boise City and attempted to stop it. The chase was on. The pickup, driven by 19-year-old John D. Laster took off with Carrillo in pursuit. Laster then passed one semi-truck on the right, using the shoulder of the highway.

When he could safely do so, Carrillo passed the truck, caught up with Laster and attempted a vehicle intervention, (bump him off the road). Laster evaded Carrillo's attempt and the chase continued reaching speeds of 85 m.p.h. Carrillo again attempted an intervention and Laster again avoided the attempt, and then turned off the highway and went across a pasture...with Carrillo stubbornly giving chase.

By this time Cimarron County Deputy Larry Taylor, Sheriff Keith Borth and Boise City Police Chief Dale Harper had moved north and east of Boise City to join the chase. Soon, OHP Trooper Boyd Perry, on duty at the weigh station also went north.

The chase had by then, nearly reached Highway 56 with Laster running in a field parallel to the railroad, before turning back north, on a dirt road. Laster was fast approaching Trooper Perry. Perry then stopped and deployed stop sticks in an attempt to deflate the truck's tires. Again, Laster thwarted attempts to stop him, by traveling into the ditch to avoid Perry's trap.

Laster then turned north, again running through a field parallel to a sprinkler system. There he stopped the vehicle and abandoned it to run on foot. At that point Perry cut him off and ordered him to the ground.

Laster has been charged with driving without a license, eluding a police officer, speeding, failure to stop, avoiding a road block, failure to carry auto insurance, and an illegal overtake on the right. He is being held on a bond of $13,000 and an outstanding Colorado warrant.


Traffic stop nets drugs

At about 5 p.m. on Friday evening, Rookie Sheriff's Deputy Nathan Cobb, stopped a vehicle three miles west of Highway 385, on Highway 56.

The automobile, driven by 49 year-old Terell Munday, had been speeding at about 88 m.p.h. When stopped, Cobb determined that Munday was driving on a suspended license. After Munday and the vehicle were brought to the Cimarron County Courthouse, a search by Cimarron County Deputy Derek Kincannon, yielded rock cocaine, several small bags of marijuana and drug paraphernalia.

Munday was charged with possession of marijuana, a CDS, paraphernalia, after a former conviction. He is being held on a bond of $33,000.

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