Scouting is alive and well in Boise City

Boise City- The future for the Scouting programs in Boise City, Oklahoma looks bright. This year around thirty-three young ladies are enrolled in Daisy, Brownie or Junior Scouts and Boise City's Girl Scouting program is proud to include eight Cadets and Senior Girl Scouts.

There are around twenty-six young men involved in the Cub Scouting program and there are now five senior level Boy Scouts.

In both programs, participation in the entry level programs is the key to having large enrollments in the senior level programs. The current larger numbers in the entry level programs are considered a good sign because once youth get involved in the program, the opportunities and activities become even more fun and rewarding with continued involvement.


The Girl Scouts, Boy Scouts and Cub Scouts each have representatives on the Board of Directors of Boise City Scouting Association, Inc., the not-for-profit corporation which holds title to the Scout Hut building, located across the street east of the Senior Citizens Center in Boise City. The Scout Hut building is intended to be used by all Scouting organizations in Boise City, including any Explorer Post which might be chartered in Boise City.

The Scout Hut building has fallen into disrepair over the years and its current restroom facilities and lack of proper heating and air conditioning make the structure next to unusable by those organizations.

Recognizing the increased interest in the programs at the entry level, and the needs of the organizations to have proper facilities for their meetings, the Boise City Rotary Club recently proposed a project to totally renovate the Scout Hut building. This proposal was warmly received by the respective Scouting organizations and their representatives on the Board of Directors of Boise City Scouting Association, Inc.

The Boise City Rotary Club has a direct interest in the programs as it is the sponsoring organization for both the Cub Scout Pack and the Boy Scout Troop in Boise City. The Rotary Club encourages the community to support its fund raising activities which will be conducted by the Rotary Club, in association with the various scouting organizations and Boise City Scouting Association, Inc. Likewise any persons willing to donate their manpower, materials or skills toward the renovation project are encouraged to contact any Boise City Rotarian.

The Boy Scout Troop 146 has established a “Building Fund” at the First State Bank in Boise City to accept monetary contributions of funds to be used in the renovation project and the continuing maintenance and operating expense of the Scout Hut facility.

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