This week was awesome because we had the Cimarron County Free Fair!! There was something new to do and see everyday. This was an event I will never forget.

It was so weird for me because I have never entered anything in a fair and never been to one like this. I entered four photographs because C.F. gave me a camera to learn on. It's so cool and all my pictures won ribbons as well as money. I had a silhouette of my dad and three pictures of flowers. I want to thank C.F. for giving me that wonderful camera.

My dad also entered three photos. My dad won best in show with his picture of me when I was a baby on the couch with my cat. I have to say it was cute. He also had two pictures of hawks he took this summer when he found a nest. There were three babies that were almost ready to fly. He must have a real thing about taking pictures of babies.

We also were involved in doing a school work display with my friends. It was based on shapes. Because the theme of the fair was, don't be square have some flair, I made a poster of different architectural styles from the past around the world. My favorite was the pagoda.

One of my friends entered two crocheted purses and won first place on them. Her sisters and little brother entered in vegetables and won on almost all of them. I also entered a zucchini that weighed 15 pounds. Dad said it looked more like a watermelon but it was part of the fun.

We had so much fun this week that we are going to have to start preparing way earlier next year. I want my own spot in the garden to grow special stuff just for the fair. I also need to practice on my sewing and baking. For right now I have to work on Christmas gifts but just after the first of the year I will definitely be working on next year's items for the fair.

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