“ You need to be attractive...”

Roy Ehly, a former Chamber manager in Liberal and Lacrosse, Kan. and later in Guymon, spoke to CimCo, the community action group trying to attract business to Cimarron County.

Ehly, who was instrumental in bringing Seaboard and other support businesses to Guymon explained that a community had to “...be attractive...” to entice companies.

Asked if he meant community cleanup, Ehly said that having a clean community was important, but that what he referred to as attractive included:

H having sites for the company to look at.

H Data collected on housing, medical facilities, schools and a labor pool.

H Environment, air, water, etc.

H Transportation, which includes rail, highway, pipelines.

H Law enforcement, sheriff, police, state investigators.

Ehly then addressed Cimarron County's low unemployment rate.

“I believe you have just over one percent unemployed; four percent or less is considered to be none...it's good that it's low; but it isn't good if you are trying to attract an employer.”

“You need to have a data sheet ready on each of these things,” Ehly said. “You only get one shot.”

“When a potential business shows up they want the information now. Every empty building that might house a business small or large should be on there. Does it have a dock high loading area? Does it have sewer, water, electricity? Are the streets paved? Is there a hospital? Parks?

Ehly also pointed out that even in being prepared you aren't. Several years since Seaboard had arrived in Guymon, the city is still 300 homes short of their needs.

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