The Ministerial Alliance of Cimarron County are moving to help those in need and despair from the devastation of Hurricane Katrina; it is good, that's what we as Christians are supposed to do.

However, while doing our Christian duty it must be tempered by reason.

Katrina, and devastation are reality; not a reality show

As it looks now, plans are in motion to bring as many as eight families, perhaps as many as 10 to Cimarron county, house them and match them with families in Boise City and the surrounding communities.

My concern is that this could lead to problems that might well be insurmountable and perhaps leave the community embarrassed and ashamed.

This is real life, not a reality show; their feelings and ours are in the balance.

Cimarron County has one of the lowest unemployment rates in Oklahoma and perhaps the United States, the last I looked it was less than four percent. Just about everyone who wants a job in Cimarron County has one. Jobs aren't all that plentiful.

If we bring 10 families into the county we will be responsible for housing them, educating their children, (FEMA has told Texas they aren't paying).

As they get on their feet they will want jobs. Because a job, a person's work, defines them; makes them who they are. These people will have nothing more than the clothes on their backs. They will need transportation; every day.

They will need homes; homes, suitable for families.

The Rev. Mark Smith admits that they are making up the rules as they go. That isn't good enough. A good plan is needed, and the families, if they be one or 10 should be brought in and absorbed gradually, so the infrastructure of our county isn't overwhelmed.

Let's face it; we are humans, and we have, Christian or nonbeliever, preconceived ideas. And so will these families. If they are people of color, they will have just as many concerns coming here as many of us will in welcoming them.

This will shine the light on our county and we don't want to come up wanting.

Should we help? Should we open our hearts and doors to those hurting and with nothing? Of course we should. We must, if we believe our faith in God. But let's do it wisely. Lets do it smart; so that our memories and theirs will be nothing but good.

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