County called on to help those affected by Hurricane Katrina

Some families may come to live here

by C.F. David

We in Cimarron County are being asked to do what we can for those displaced by Hurricane Katrina.

The Ministeral Alliance has begun gathering materials for flood buckets and health kits and there is a chance as many as eight families might be brought here.

Mark Smith, the minister of St.Paul's Methodist Church, admits the Alliance is breaking new ground.

The process is being handled by the Baptist Association.

The First Baptist Church is planning on taking five families and matching them with families from the congregation.

St. Paul's is looking to sponsor three families and the First Christian Church was taking the matter under advisement, before making a decision. (According to the website at

Plans are also pending at the churches in Keyes, Marella, Felt and Kenton.

“We are doing this on the fly,” Smith said. “There is a great deal of need. We'll invent as we go,” Smith said.

A health kit will consist of NEW:

F 1 hand towel 15x25 inches to 17x27 inches

F One wash cloth

F One large and sturdy comb.

F Nail file or clippers, (no emory boards or toenail clippers).

F One bath-size bar of soap, (3oz and up).

F One toothbrush in original wrapper, no children's brushes.

F large tube of tooth paste 4.5 oz or larger, expiration date must be six months or longer of shipping date.

F Six adhesive plastic strip bandages.

These items should be placed in a sealed one-gallon plastic bag and in a separate envelope enclose $1 for each kit for processing and shipping.

A flood bucket will be and contain:

F A 5-gallon bucket with a resealable lid.

F Bleach, two one quart bottles or one 82 ounce bottle. (Don't send if you are shipping through the USPS, UPS, or FEDX)

F Five scouring pads

F Sponges, seven pack various sizes.

F Five scouring pads.

F one scrub brush.

F 18 cleaning towels, (reusable wipes).

F Liquid laundry detergent, two 25 or one 50 ounce.

F One household cleaner, 12-16 ounce bottle.

F Disinfectant dish soap, 16-28 ounce.

F 50 clothes pins, clothes line, two 50ft. or one 100 ft.

F Five dust masks

F Two pair latex gloves

F One pair work gloves.

F 24 bag roll of heavy duty trash bags (33-45 gallon remove from box

F Insect spray -14 ounce.

F Air freshener 8-9 ounce.

In a separate envelope place $1.50 for each flood bucket for processing and shipping.


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