He works hard to eat. He doesn't expect to get something for nothing. He puts forth effort to survive. Soon he will conquer the world, no wait, maybe only the bird feeder. I am referring to the squirrel in my Granny's yard.

It all started when we took my Granny to her dentist appointment and then went shopping. She decided she would like to feed the birds and watch them from her back porch. Everything went just as planned the first day.

The next morning when she got up to watch the birds eat a squirrel had discovered the food. She watched him eat, and eat and eat until he had completely finished off the block of birdseed down to the last grain by the end of the day.

She decided to come up with a new plan for feeding the birds and making the squirrels mad by keeping them away from the food. She asked my uncle who had come to visit for the weekend to help come up with a way to stop the squirrels from stealing all the seeds. He and my mom rummaged through the garage looking for something to guard the feeder. They came up with a coat hanger and a plastic wash basin from her last hospital stay. At least that's what they call it but I think it's a bedpan.

They built a strange looking obstacle course for the squirrels to prevent them from reaching the feeder. That only added to the daily entertainment. Now instead of climbing directly down the chain to eat they have to be acrobats to figure out how to get to the food.

We have spent the last couple of mornings laughing hysterically at the squirrels' attempts to climb into the bucket and dangle over the edge stretching to reach a quick bite before losing grip and falling to the ground. They don't give up easily so they scamper right back up the tree trying a different limb for a different angle hoping for better results.

I think every one in the family that has seen these squirrels agree it is more fun watching them! So for now Granny is going to have to let the birds pick up the crumbs on the ground that the squirrels drop. After all the squirrels are much more entertaining.

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