Dear Editor:

I am an R.N. of over 30 years experience, and an ex-hospital board member.

I am a resident of Cimarron County . I was born and raised here, worked in this hospital and was a patient.

Because of health reasons I need to live close to a hospital.

I have serious concerns about the hospital situation. The sales tax is critical to the hospital as Oklahoma is unlike surrounding states [hospitals] which receive state funds or mill levee money.

Example: Union County 's hospital, (Clayton), receives $800,000 a year from mill levee money.

The existing sales tax, ( Cimarron County ), is around $318,511 for 2005. In November we will be voting to extend this tax for another two years. Your support in this matter is critical.

As for Dr. Mathews' contract: In years past we gave doctors a one year contract, then they were expected to have their practice built up and were on their own.

Why are we subsidizing them not to work? A doctor on his own will see more patients and have more pride in his work.

I have not been a part of Dr. Mathews practice; but I do know he made house calls and is very good with our elderly patients, which is our county's largest population.

We have excellent nurses and support staff.

We need our hospital, and to keep it, we need your support.

Janice (Strong) Smith

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