Hello all,

This week has been an experience. As most of you know my cousin and uncle have been in town. This week was so much fun.

When they first got here we had a nice relaxing water gun fight. Tyler beat me only because he got the water hose and put it down the back of my shirt. By dark we had to come in the house and just hang out until midnight . That was our curfew so we just whispered all night until he said something funny at two o'clock in the morning and made me laugh and Uncle Terry was mad. By then we knew our survival depended on sleeping quietly so Uncle Terry could get some rest too.

Most days we were pretty lazy because we saved up our energy for evenings at Vacation Bible School . We had a lot of fun learning about the courage to know, trust and believe Jesus. When we would go home Uncle Terry would help us with our homework.

One day we went to the museum. We were so amazed at how much is on display because from the road I just can't imagine they could put so many things in there. I really loved looking at the button collection, I have always had a thing for buttons.

While my mother and uncle were looking at everything Tyler and I were digging for dinosaur bones. When we got ready to leave my uncle bought us rock digs. They were dried clay with really cool rocks embedded in them and you have to dig them out with toothpick thingies. We had so much fun digging on them on Granny's back porch. We each found five rocks in our molds. Can you believe that I have lived here for two years and never been to the museum until the other day? We didn't even get to see it all.

I can't wait until my family comes back for another visit so we can finish our tour of the museum and take them around to see more that our county has to explore.

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