Sometimes you have to make you own destiny; hospital locates funds

by Rod Burrus, CEO,

Cimarron Memorial Hospital

I have to start this article out first and foremost by saying Thank you to all of our supporters out in the community who have been praying, wishing and hoping that the hospital would find funds to continue operations here at Cimarron Memorial Hospital, Nursing Home and Rural Health Clinic. We have overcome some substantial obstacles and have secured a loan from Farmers & Stockmens Bank out of Clayton, New Mexico. I know in reason that this could not have happened without the support of our community, employees and our Board of Trustees. Through the hard work of all of the individuals listed previously, we have secured the loan that was said to be, “unbankable.” Sometimes you have to make your own destiny.

I once again have to take my hat off to the wonderful employees of Cimarron Memorial. Once again they have come to the rescue of this community and have accepted the tardiness of their paychecks as well as the absence of a paycheck in some instances. During the first days of July we paid the accrued wages for June but did not have enough money to cover the payroll for all of the employees. Since I could not pick and choose who would and would not go without a paycheck I asked for volunteers. Danna Smith, Jerry Robertson, Dr. Prameela Yoganandan, Wanda Halbert, Nancy Roberts, Lois Burkhalter, Connie Belford & myself determined that it would be for the benefit of the whole to delay payment of our wages in order to release the pay for our co-workers. I have said it before and I can say it again, Cimarron Memorial is blessed to have some of the most gracious, selfless, team oriented employees of any organization I have ever been affiliated with and it is an honor to work along side of them.

Last but certainly not least I would like to publicly thank Farmers & Stockmens Bank in Clayton. When I went to Clayton I wondered why a bank in a different community, in a different state and with a different target market would want to entertain the thought of loaning money for a healthcare facility. I had an opportunity to talk with Larry Fluhman, President and CEO as well as Jeff Harris, Vice President of Farmers & Stockmens Bank. During this conversation I told them about our vision to keep the hospital open and how our community would be affected if we lost this healthcare facility. Mr. Fluhman and Mr. Harris were both in agreement that our community needed to keep our healthcare facility as it supports the health, welfare and stability of Cimarron County.

Because of Farmers & Stockmens Bank we are able to continue to provide a home for 22 of our residents. Because of Farmers & Stockmens Bank we are able to provide work for over 80 employees and because of Farmers & Stockmens Bank we are able to provide emergent care to individuals who may only have minutes between life and death. Some businesses see a healthcare facility as dollars and cents, we here at Cimarron Memorial see human lives and I believe that Farmers & Stockmens Bank shares our vision. Thank you Farmers & Stockmens Bank for believing in Cimarron County!

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