County could have a trucking future

“Ninety-five percent of everything you touch, came off a truck,” said Dan Case, the Executive Director of the Oklahoma Trucking Association.

Case, a lobbyist for the trucking industry, thinks Cimarron County could have a future in his industry. According to Case, among other things Cimarron County needs to try to attract and cater to, are the companies who haul triple-pup-trailers. The county, said Case, is in an opportune place with Oklahoma, Kansas, Colorado and New Mexico allowing the three trailer hookups on their highways, while Texas does not. This provides a need for stop and drop lots for the excess trailers which would be picked up by other carriers.

Case recommended that such lots be constructed near local motels, restaurants and fueling stations, so that truckers could use those facilities more easily.

Case pointed out that on average, each trucker that stops in a city spends $20 above the cost of the fuel purchased.

Another type of trucking facility Case felt sure Cimarron County could attract, is the drop and switch relay terminal which allows trucks traveling predominantly east and west to meet at one lot and exchange trailers. Case explained that these terminals have become more important since the trucking industry has begun to experience a shortage of drivers.

These terminals, often are designed around large motels which have a certain number of rooms reserved for the drivers.

Case was critical of highway transportations bills which not only finance public roads, but mass transit and toll roads, which by their nature of charging for passage, become private highways, The trucking industry, Case pointed out, pays 40 percent of the highway taxes levied on highway traffic, but then must, when traveling on toll roads pay for the privilege. ($1 per mile between Miami and Oklahoma City.)

Case recommended the city do some cleanup, attract manufacturing and to make use of about one or two acres for each terminal, with motels and restaurants nearby.

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