Mountain lion (Felis concolor)

The mountain lion (Felis concolor) brings out fear and hatred in most people. This cat is also known as the cougar, panther or puma. This is the largest wild cat indigenous to the North American continent.

Their coat is unspotted, tawny colored above and buff below. The ears and tail are tipped in black. The head is relatively small. Adult males are about eight feet long from nose to tip of tail and weigh on average from 130 to 150 pounds. The female is smaller, about seven feet long and weigh 65 to 90 pounds.

These animals are solitary and very territorial. They are active during the day. They eat deer, rodents and other small animals such as birds. They have also been known to attack livestock and even humans. They are ambush hunters, most of the time the prey does not even know they are being hunted.

Mating occurs at any time of year. A “bloodcurdling scream” advertises the female is in season. A litter of one to three cubs is born 84 to 106 days after mating. Cubs weigh one half to one pound when born and they stay with the mother until 24 months of age.

Protect yourself when you go out, but get out and explore your world. You will find something fascinating!

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