Hello all,

This week has been filled with nothing but school, school, and more school. I have a few new subjects that I have never had before. But just so you will know I will tell you all of them!

First, I have math, I like it but it is kind of hard. I also have language. I am not going to lie.,. I hate it, I hate it, and I hate it. My favorite subject is science because it is so cool. I love the constant studying of bugs and stuff. I also like history but not as much as science because history is just about a bunch of dead guys. And there is also penmanship which I stink at it because my writing is chicken scratch.

The easiest for me is art because I love to draw; Everyone always asks me what I am going to be when I grow up. They expect to hear something like a ballerina but I want to be a tattoo artist. I know its weird but I like to draw and It brings in a lot of money.

Home-ec Is my newest subject. I enjoy it because I love to cook. Since I am home schooled I get to cook lunch everyday for my dad. It is so much fun. I LOVE TO COOK. Of course, everyday my mom and I study together from books about manners, good citizenship, life lessons, and Bible study. Starting in September I will resume piano lessons. My problem is I want to play like Ray Stevens but I don't want to practice everyday.

These are the things I do for school each day. It has been a blast so far and I hope we all enjoy the rest of the year. Goodbye and see you next week.

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