Oklahoma one of several conceal/carry license states

by C.F. David

Lynn Long, is licensed by the state of Oklahoma to teach gun safety to individuals wishing to legally carry a handgun. In one Saturday eight-hour day, it is up to Long to instruct and make sure each of his students has a working knowledge of a handgun and basic safety.

Twenty-seven other states recognize Oklahoma 's license.

On Saturday, July 29, 21 men and nine women listened and participated to become certified to carry a handgun.

Their ages cut across the demographic of the Panhandle from those just over the legal age of 21 but most were in their fifties and sixties.

There were Hispanics, Anglos and Asians; cowboys, businessmen and professionals.

According to the OSBI website, there are more than 10 thousand men and women in Oklahoma with a license to carry; their average age is 66. The average age of a female is 52 and of the males 61.They are predominately white, (93 percent).

According to the website, in 2002, Cimarron County had six applications, with an average age of 39. In 2003, 11 applications with an average of 50. In 2004, 13 application with an average age of 63. In 2005, one application, with an average age of 66.

In Saturday's class of 30, there were four attending from Cimarron County .

Long began the course with the “Use of Deadly Force Summary.

Never point or shoot your gun at a person unless:

1. Your life is in danger at that moment.

2. The life of your mother or father, husband or wife, child, employee or employer is threatened at that moment.

3. Your home is invaded and you believe the person will harm you or another person in your home.

4. Only the use of your gun could stop the harm or injury.

It's up to Long to determine if you are qualified and trained for the license. It is up to the Oklahoma Bureau of Investigation to determine if you should, and may legally do so.

After the completion of the course, a certificate of completion is issued. That certificate, along with an application, passport pictures, and fingerprint cards must be mailed to the OSBI for background checks, the acceptance or denial of the application will come in about 90 days.

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