Good Shepherd Catholic Church's Cars for Coats back for third year

On Saturday, Aug. 12, the Good Shepherd Catholic Church will once again kick off their Cars-for-Coats Classic Hot Rod Show. held each year at Boise City 's park near the fairgrounds. The show features cars from local owners as well as those from Kansas , Colorado , Texas and New Mexico .

Proceeds from the show help the church to buy coats for Cimarron County children under the age of 12.

The church purchased 97 coats for children not just from Boise City , but Felt and Keyes as well. The contact in Keyes is Tangee Cayton, and in Felt, Amy Crawford.

“Very often we have people call with a name of a child, and if we are out of money, they'll buy the coat themselves,” said Sandy Miller.

“Last year we had several coats bought for tiny babies...that's fun picking those out,” Miller smiled.

“We don't ask any financial criteria; it's first come, first served,” Miller added.

“We have talked about buying for the elderly. But buying adult coats is just so expensive,” Miller explained.

Miller said they have no idea from year to year how many coats will be required, until the applications arrive.

The church runs an application in The Boise City News, and takes them to all the schools, and the Headstart, in the county as well as other churches.

The show drew 37 cars last year, and Miller said they were pleased with the increase of locals interested in seeing the cars.

“That [local attendance] always makes it better,” Miller said.

“We'll also have several more vendors this year,” Miller said.

Miller added that Doug Tombs of Hooker will return with his popular barbeque this year.

When asked if they would move from the park if they outgrew it, Miller replied, “We hope so.”

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