Heppard withdraws bid for milo plant

James withdraws bid; Industrial Authority makes plans for re-advertisment

David Heppard, of Woodland Park, Colo., has, according to Cimarron Industrial Authority Chairman Joe Berry, withdrawn his bid on the Milo Plant facilities.

Contacted by phone, Heppard explained that he was forced to cut back on his plans due to illness.

Heppard, who ran a Colorado construction company that utilized structurally insulated panels, had plans to manufacture them here.

The panels, comprised of foam sandwiched between wood, is, according to Heppard, a forty-year-old technology that due to environmental challenges, is coming into its own.

Heppard is still planning to move to Cimarron County, and continue with plans for the factory for when and if, his health allows him to continue.

“We were in the process of making the plans to make this happen,” Heppard said. “And we are still gonna move down there.”

“I'm down to about three percent on my kidney and if they find one [a kidney acceptable for transplant] I'll have about two hours to get back up here,” he explained. “So, we are also having to make plans for that too.”

James withdraws bid

In a meeting on Tuesday night, the Industrial Authority accepted the bid from Jesse Bill James that had been rejected in July to accept Heppard's lower bid. James promptly withdrew the bid of Just over $3,500 telling the board that with the price of insurance required by a lessee he could no longer consider the bid at the amount bid in July.

“If I could have had it at what he [Heppard] had bid, I might could have done it,” James said.

Chairman Berry explained that he had talked to the state's auditor, asking permission to lease the building to James at the amount agreed to by Heppard; however, he was informed that a re-advertisement of the property would be required.

The board then moved to meet again in mid- September after the lease had been re-advertised and made available to any other potential lessees that might be interested.

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