Detailing the issues-Robert Shank

Where has all of our time gone?

It seems we hardly ever have any free time any more. I have been using a calendar to try to schedule upcoming youth events, and let me tell you, it's really tough to find any free time. School isn't just for learning; it seems to be mostly for sports and other extra curricular activities. Where does all the madness end?

Almost everyday of the school year, except Sunday and Wednesday, have some sort of sporting event going on. Where is the family time? Where is the church time? Some kids have told me they are too tired to come to church because of all the other activities during the week. I figure It's just a matter of time until school starts taking Wednesday nights too. What has happened to our priorities? We are here for two reasons, to worship God and to win souls for the Lord. That's it!

I find it interesting at ball games kids and even adults will yell with enthusiasm for a favorite player. But then at church on Sunday (if we have the energy to get up) we all sit on our hands and yawn. In the case of the youth I can kinda understand, they are too afraid to show emotion in church because us older folks might get offended then give them the “look”. You know, the “We don't do that, here look.”

Then the lost among us will look at us and say, “Why would I want what you bunch of unhappy, bitter people have?”

I have news for you loving Jesus and being filled with the Holy Spirit is much more exciting than ANY sporting event. It's time to clear the calendar of all this unnecessary stuff and get back to the basics which made this country great; Church, family, academics. “WE” are the reason for the busy schedules, It's time to say, “Enough is enough.”


To the youth, forgive us for the poor example we have given you. Forgive us for cramming so much clutter into your life. You are the future of this country and the church. I pray you handle that responsibility better than we older than you have. Stay excited, express yourself, spread the love of Jesus.

To the parents, lets look at the priorities in our lives. Start marking upcoming events on the calendar then see what the main time consumer is. God, family, sports, work, T.V., computer, What?

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