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I am reminded of an old joke that I have updated. A man goes into a bar in West Texas. There are plenty of people in the bar but no one is talking much. Trying to get a conversation started he said, “Kerry is a horse's rear end.” A big man came up to him and knocked him off his stool. The man slowly gets up and said, “I didn't realize I was in Kerry Country.” The big man says “You ain't, you are in horse country.”

We have often seen dirty campaigns but somehow it seems beneath the dignity of someone running for the presidency or for reelection to the presidency. Bush remains silent about accusations that he is allowing the Veterans to smear Kerry. That is what he should be doing, being quiet about it.

The quality of a man's character, especially one running for president, is very important. I am not impressed by personal attacks. I don't need a contestant to tell me what I should think of his opponent. Don't tell me you are a better man than he is. Tell me how you are going to run the country better.

I don't know the validity of the Veteran's claims, I don't need to know. The way Kerry's campaign is being run tells me all I need to know about the man's character.

Before you start thinking I am a Bush supporter let me say that I have from the start of GWII (Gulf War II) thought it was wrong for us to be there. I have watched the Patriot's act weaken and abolish some of our rights with designs on other rights. No, I am not a great fan of George W. Bush.

President Bush is not responsible for the decline in honor in this country. He inherited a lot of things that are legacies of past administrations. Not just our military and it's dishonorable actions in Iraq such as treatment of prisoners, interrogation methods etc. Not every one is involved in that, in fact only a few. There is a lack of ethics across the board.

This didn't start with the Gulf war either. Remember Lt. Calley? Someone knew what was going on, why wasn't the whistle blown on him a lot earlier than it was? George Bush inherited this condition already full blown. The decline in the intelligence community was also preexisting. The vast errors they made in their reports to the President on the situation in Iraq more than anything caused the decision to be made to go to Iraq in the first place.

Who is responsible for these things? Ultimately the Commander-in-Chief. Bush knew that when he signed up for the job. As with every other president he has to take responsibility even for preexisting problems that were beyond his control. As Truman said “The buck stops here,”

No I am not a Bush fan. As for Kerry I won't say he is a horse's rear, after all I too live in horse country.

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