Someone recently asked how many troopers are currently assigned to Cimarron County so I thought I might address that.  It is a little hard to explain so I will try to do the best I can.  I think many people think that every trooper who lives in a county is actually assigned to it but that isn't how it works.  Currently, there are four troopers who live in Cimarron County ; that being myself and fellow troopers Adrian Carillo, Boyd Perry and Tracy Brown.  As of right now only trooper Carillo is assigned to work traffic and handle accidents and other OHP calls in the county.  I am actually assigned to headquarters in Guymon as acting lieutenant and troopers Perry and Brown are assigned to work trucks basically in the whole panhandle as members of our size and weights division also known as Troop “S”.  I stay in Cimarron County and work every day I can avoid going to HQ and troopers Perry and Brown help all they can but currently only trooper Carillo is actually assigned here.  When my duties as acting LT are over in a few months I will simply return to the county with trooper Carillo.  None of us living here will avoid working an accident or taking a call.  So depending on how you look at it there are either four of us or one.  “County” troopers such as trooper Carillo are expected to work all traffic as needed and to take calls.  That is what the OHP was founded upon and what I think most people think of when they think of troopers being a black and white four-door car.  The troops such as size and weights or Troop “S” have troopers known as being in “special services”.  Someone not seen in this area are the troopers assigned to Lake Patrol such as in the area of Oklahoma I am from.  All special services troopers drive SUV's except for a few in auditing positions and command who drive plain, un-marked cars.  We are shorthanded all across the state in the counties due to retirements and the fact it is getting harder all the time to find good people to make troopers.  Hopefully that will improve now that the pay is good and the state is in sound financial shape.  I hope I explained that in a way it is easiest to picture.  I sometimes get confused myself!!! 

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