Mathews offered a contract

by C.F. David

Ralph Warren, chairman of the Cimarron Memorial Hospital Board, said on Tuesday, that they have offered Dr. Gary Mathews a new contract.

“I can't give you any details. He [Mathews] took it and said he'd consider it,” Warren said.

Mathews' present contract expires on Aug. 17. It was announced by Mathews in the July 19 issue of The Boise City News. At the time Mathews said he had been given no explanation as to why the contract wouldn't be renewed.




“He gave us an ultimatum; and we are not going to do that.”- Ralph Warren




The reason has never been made public; however, there has been inferences and theories and speculation (by citizen's in a public meeting) that Mathews was out of favor because he didn't admit enough patients to the hospital to cover his salary.

In addition, Cimarron Memorial expects the arrival of Dr. Harold Nims on about Sept. 1. The board members made it clear that they had no desire to push Mathews out of the hospital, but were considering ending the contract.

Contacted by The Boise City News on Tuesday afternoon, and asked if he knew if he was going to accept the contract offered, Mathews said, “No.”

“I have preconditions before I can accept a contract. I've told the board what I want. They haven't addressed that,” Mathews said.

“They are having a meeting on the 31st. They may make some decision,” he added.

When asked what these conditions were, Mathews refused to answer.

“Thursday is my last day,” he added.

Asked if he was going to work without a contract since Dr. Wheeler is on vacation, Mathews deferred to Clinic manager Tammy Avent.

Contacted, Avent responded that since CEO Patsy Shields hadn't yet heard from Dr. Mathews, that coverage would be from Dr. Warrick with Docs Who Care, and Dr. Roger Bombach until the arrival of Dr. Nims. However, Nims cannot practice until he hears from the medical practice board about the third week of September.

Shields was asked if she had any comment, she replied, “No, because I probably don't...I'm not sure what the conditions are.”

Board Chairman Ralph Warren said, “He gave us an ultimatum; and we are not going to do that.”

Asked if he could expand on the ultimatum, Warren said that the conversation was during Executive Session, and that he could not respond.

At the beginning of the second recess of the Aug. 27 board meeting, under new business, Board Member Dwilene Holbert gave the board a laundry list of items she wanted on the Aug. 31 agenda.

“We need to discuss the grant account pages, payroll, accounts payable, supplies in and out of central supply, EMS charges for a transfer, Dr. Nims, Bob White's rent for the doctors, the Perkins Protho Grant, grants for equipment, emergency room procedures, and we need to decide on two board members, a commissioner and Patsy to go to Clayton and talk to the hospital administrator who retired, about the management company that turned them around.”

“What does a management company cost us?” asked Board member Don Stark.

“That's what we need to talk about,” Holbert said.

“We can't pay our bills now,” Stark said.

“The public is asking questions. I think we need to sit down and talk about this,” Holbert said.

Clinic Director Tammy Avent told the board that an agreement had been struck with Dr. James Stone of Guymon, and his wife who is a Nurse Practitioner to come to do procedures such as scopes and women's health.

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