by Norma Gene Young

That was quite a reunion some of my family enjoyed recently. I am just now recovering. We were in Amarillo for a few days, then went on to Santa Fe, where I evidently got something similar to the flu. You can get a lot of things in Santa Fe. You can get run over by a beat-up pickup or a politician's limo; you can get snookered from some of the street sellers who are pushing turquoise from Taiwan (not those at the old governor's palace—they're the real stuff); you can get your Visa maxed out (that was easy to do); you can get drunk (I missed that); or you can get the flu.

But on the other hand, you can see a lot of good art, visit a foundry where they finish some beautiful statuary, hear some terrific mariachi music, order chiles relleno every meal, and watch the gorgeous sunset each evening from the fifth floor of LaFonda. And by that time you and your Visa had better head for home, where your checking account is probably on life support.


Do you suppose all of us will make it by the time the presidential election comes around? I wouldn't swear to this, but I've heard that in England they have about two weeks to choose a new prime minister every so often. (They of course don't have any say about who will be the queen or king, or how they could get rid of them.) But I believe we would be better off in this country if we could hear on TV from our candidates for President for just a couple of weeks.


And speaking of TV, for a few minutes after that ridiculous event that Janet Jackson caused, nearly all the networks were careful. As I said: for a few minutes. But suddenly that was forgotten, and now I am hearing words I've never heard on TV (and never wanted to!), and all the girls' bathing suits (they should be called “bathing strips” or “patches”) are smaller than usual. It is becoming more embarrassing all the time, and I don't even have children around here. I believe if I had young kids I would toss out the old TV. As things are now, I have a lot of books I can read.


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