Collins' Comments

by Kelly Collins

I went to my sister's wedding this weekend. It was very traditional in the ceremony. Every thing else was about as unorthodox as you an get.

Attire was campout clothes casual. The chapel was a stage built for the bands to play at the annual memorial weekend party. The brides dressing room was the back of a van.

It was a great wedding and there were very few hitches in it all. The reception was great.

My sister is an avid horse shoe fan and she said that instead of a bouquet she was going to toss out the ceremonial horse shoe.

Later after the post wedding party was getting into full swing I went off by myself to get away from trying to remember 2 dozen names and explaining just who I was to every one. I sat on the hill above the meadow where the band stand was. There were easily 200 people there. All in harmony and having a great time of celebration.

I got to thinking, such a life affirming thing it was. In the face of these troubled times, pessimistic outlooks, economic upheavals that two people could commit to each other, and that 200 friends and family would come and wish them well.

Maybe I am too cynical and maybe it is because I am some what older than my sister but I don't think I could commit to anyone in these times. There are so many things awry with our country and with people in general. I remain hopeful of the future but I can't help being at least mentally prepared for worse things to come.

I am happy for my sister and my new brother-in-law. I am genuinely happy that others are doing the same thing.

Maybe there is a message in all this. I don't know, what do you think?

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