Frosh Supt. to guide Keyes school system

by C.F. David

Two weeks ago, Richard Gleave was at home in El Reno, last week, he arrived ahead of his family to take the reins of the Keyes School District.

Gleave is only one of several first year Superintendents in the Panhandle; other schools with first-time administrators include Felt, Balko and Turpin.

Gleave, a graduate of Mustang High School, just south of Oklahoma City spent eight years teaching in his alma mater before moving to other schools in the central Oklahoma area. He comes to Keyes from the Yukon school system.

“This [the job at Keyes] was just an opportunity for advancement.”

“We prayed about it. God opened the doors, and I feel comfortable with the decision,” Gleave explained.

Asked what tempted him to come to Keyes, Gleave explained, “The facilities were really nice. I can tell they are well taken care of. The community is very protective of their school, and I don't blame them.”

“The people are really friendly and open.”

“Also, I'd seen your girls play [basketball] and I'm sure my daughter who is a freshman will fit right in.”

“It's just like all the right doors opened for us,” Gleave smiled.

“I'm extremely excited to be here; the people I have met thrill me. They are happy I'm here.”

“Right now I'm just getting my feet wet, and trying to learn the system. I won't make wholesale changes.” Gleave grinned.

Asked how he might head off possible efforts of school consolidation, Gleave said, “I've seen consolidation from two different ways. But as long as a school is financially sound and can provide for students, I see no need.”

Asked about the school's potential problems with funds, Gleave said, ‘We'll need to tighten our belts. Allocations will be minimal and we have teacher's raises. But we have the money to function, and function well. There'll be no need for layoffs. Mrs. Turlington taught English, so we'll absorb that position.”

“We need to be careful and do the things we need to do for the kids.”

Gleave is excited about the possibilities of one to one student-teacher contact.

“I'll get to know each student personally. That's important. If they trust their school and its teachers they'll be more apt to take chances and get a good education,” Gleave said.

Gleave said he plans to keep the co-op football program with the Yarbrough school system.

“We'll keep that for right now.”

“I've talked to Mr. Wiggin (Jim Wiggin Yarbrough principal) and we both feel the interest in both communities. We've scheduled some functions including a hamburger fry on Aug. 30.”

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