Voters have a choice in senate race

Nov. elections will affect U.S. Senate balance

During the July 27 primary elections, voters in the Sooner state will a choice of five democrats and four republicans for the vacated senate seat of Don Nickles.

Any need for a run-off election will be decided on Aug. 24.

The state's final choice in November looms large as a battle for control of the senate hangs in the balance. The senate at present is divided with 51 Rep. and 49 Demo. members.

With the potential reelection of George W. Bush as president, the democrats need a net gain of three seats to gain control; should Kerry win, they'll need only two.

For those marking a Republican ballot their choices are:


Bob Anthony - 55, Oklahoma's corporation commissioner since 1988. He is the grandson of retail giant C.R. Anthony and is a graduate of Wharton, with master's degrees from London's School of Finance; Harvard and Yale.

Kirk Humphreys- 53, former mayor of Oklahoma City; he is a graduate of OU and an owner of Gibralter Investments, a real estate development company.

Tom Coburn- 51, an obstetrician who was elected to the U.S. House in 1994; he ran on a platform of term limitations and he left the house in 2000. He has been endorsed by the Rev. James Dobson, of Focus On The Family.

Jay Richard Hunt- 59, no other information could be found on Mr. Hunt.

For those voting as democrats, the choices are:

Brad Carson- 37, who resigned as a U.S. Rep. from Claremore to run for Nickles seat.

Carson has a Bachelor's Degree from Baylor; a master's from Oxford (Rhodes Scholar) and a law degree from OU.

Carroll Fisher- 63, the Oklahoma State Insurance Commissioner since 1998.

He was arrested in Aug. 2003 and charged with DUI; it was his second arrest on the charge, the first reported coming in 1988.

Fisher has recently been reprimanded by the state ethics commission for obtaining private information on an individual; and is presently being criticized for taking gifts from the companies he is supposed to regulate.

Monte Johnson- 52, a Sallisaw Attorney and a minister. Johnson has degrees from O.U.; Duke (law and Divinity) and Emory University.

Johnson is, to the knowledge of The Boise City News, the only candidate who has as of yet, visited Cimarron County.

W.B.G. Woodson- 54, of Woodward, nothing more has been learned about Mr. Woodson.

Jim Rogers , ????, no other information has been learned about Mr. Rogers except his name on the ballot.

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