Dear Editor:

I have just been reading the Boise City News online, including some back copies, and I wanted to make a few comments:

1. Congratulations to Shauna Strusel on the “Mommy Lobotomy” story ( 6/7/06 issue). As a parent (and now grandparent) I can relate, because fathers tend to undergo similar, if less drastic, changes in thinking. The biggest difference, as Bill Cosby notes, is that fathers tend to sound more idiotic because of self-censorship.

2. To whomever wrote the article “If You Have the Name . . . Play the Game” ( 3/8/06 ), BRAVO! After reading about what a fine neighbor CRR has been thus far (said with tongue so far in cheek that it's about to bore a hole), they sound like exactly the kind of people who need to understand where they live. I spent my high school years in Elkhart , and was proud to see that the Elkhart Co-op was there to support its neighbors in Cimarron County . It's unfortunate (I'm trying to be diplomatic and, like a father, censor myself) that a Cimarron County business is too busy filing suits to the detriment of its neighbors to become involved in the community. I hold a master's degree in business administration, I am an accountant and small business consultant by trade, so I understand business thinking. In my estimation (based on BCN stories), CRR is thinking only of the bottom line, without realizing how much the bottom line can suffer when you fail to be a good citizen.

3. I wish your classified ads were part of your online edition. I may not be ready just yet, but with any luck and a little work I'll be able to move “home” (i.e. somewhere in southwest Kansas or northwest Oklahoma) before long, and I'm sure that every now and then your classifieds include that all important home for sale and maybe even someone looking for a little office help so I can have more to do than sit on the porch watching the grass grow.

I am so glad you're online, especially since the Tri-State News isn't (please goad them about that at every opportunity). It's nice to read something written with good common sense rather than the rantings of so-called journalists who can't report an obvious fact without a political slant (and who all too often can't spell, either).

While this was intended as commentary without thought to publication, I consider it your property from the time I click “send,” so feel free to print it, shred it, burn it on the courthouse steps, or whatever tickles your fancy.

Jay Wagner

Proposed Day Care will stand alone

Dear Editor:

I feel that it is necessary for me to clear up some misconceptions that some have regarding a Day Care Facility the Cimarron Memorial Hospital is in hopes of having. Our initial thoughts was to be able to help with the needs of our employees for child care, it soon became apparent that our employees were not the only ones with those needs, but instead it was a problem for many in our community. The process of filing grant applications for start up cost and operating expenses was started. A crucial part of being able to supply this service has always been, and will be, the approval of a grant. Several grants were applied for. I found out last week that one grant is no longer an option until next year again. The second foundation that was applied to was to make their announcements the first part of July. While I wish for the opportunity for the Day Care to exist my primary concern is the stability of the Hospital and want to assure everyone in the community that any opportunity that may exist such as a Day Care will have its own funding secured and be able to support itself and cannot be an added expense to the Hospital, or else it cannot happen. I apologize for any confusion that may have happened in this process..

Patsy Shields,


Cimarron Memorial Hospital

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