Detailing the Issues by Robert Shank

What happens to the minds of singers and actors when they make it big? I suppose after making the “Big Bucks” in Hollyweird of new York, they have their brains sucked out, then forget where they came from.

The latest contestant in the new reality sport “Famous People Shooting Off Their Mouths” is Linda Ronstadt. I guess this once famous singer of the 1970s wants another 15 minutes of fame. How does she do it? Well of course, by attacking President Bush while praising Michael Moore's new movie, Fahrenheit 9/11. That movie, by the way, with the release of 9/11 commission findings, has been proven to be fiction.

I have heard it said, “Never let the facts get in the way of a good story.” Michael Moore has taken that to a whole new level.



Many of these famous people take great enjoyment in splitting this nation in two; and our enemies love it. This bunch of Liberals can't even bring themselves to support a wartime president. A president who is doing a fantastic job of protecting the very freedoms these radicals enjoy so much.


I am thankful for the Heartland of America, (flyover country), for keeping the East and West Coasts separate. Can you imagine the madness that would follow otherwise? I can see it now:

H We could kill all babies and call it CHOICE.

H Throw God and all the Christians out of America and call it FREEDOM.

H Tax all the businesses out of existence and call it FAIR.

H Put everyone on welfare and call it COMPASSION.

H Make it illegal to be a free thinking Republican and call it POLITICALLY CORRECT.

H Eliminate our military and call it PEACE.

H Open our borders to anyone and call it OPPORTUNITY.

Then, when it all blows up, we can blame Bush...or Reagan.

Why do we even care about the opinions of these people who have lost their grip on reality? They really must have sold out all their values to become famous; people like Bruce Springsteen, John Couger, Ted Danson, Charlie Sheen and many many more.

I wonder....are the actors and singers really that stupid? Or, are they like little children, rebelling against the establishment?

Now Michael Moore has said he wants to sing God Bless America with Linda Ronstadt. I they really want God to bless America? Do they even know who God is? I wonder....

I hope that God doesn't cast his judgment on America due to the ridiculous views and actions of a few.

Let's pray for an awakening for these people and all of America.

Let's also be thankful that at least for now, we are still allowed to pray in America.

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