Collins's Comments

by Kelly Collins

Hanoi Jane is at it again. Only this time she has more than one motive.

She is going on a bus tour to support the efforts to end our occupation of Iraq. But there is more than one reason for the tour. It began with a promotion of her new book “My Life so Far.”

I am sure there have been exaggerations of what happened when she went to Hanoi. However if only one-fourth of what is said of her is true, it was way too much. Thankfully there is no organized army in Iraq for her to visit this time.

I really want to be able to forgive her for Hanoi. At the very least it gave comfort and confidence to the enemy. I don't want to forget it; only to forgive it.

There are many high school children to whom Viet Nam is a mystery. If they have heard of it at all. They don't really know what happened there and retrospective history has us all but winning a war that was never a war.

As to the Iraqi occupation by the U.S.A. I don't know. No one tells the truth; or if they do it's not the whole truth. As for our uniformed soldiers I do have this to say. They are under orders to be there and they are risking their lives. With very few exceptions they are serving with honor. Whether or not you agree with our policy regarding Iraq you should give honor where honor is due. Our men and women who are risking all deserve it.

Yes I would like to forgive Hanoi Jane but I guess I am not man enough to do that yet.

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