Boise City water customers not facing rationing

by C.F. David

While larger communities in the High Plains face water shortages and have asked for voluntary rationing, (Guymon and Amarillo ), Boise City customers will not ration, according to City manager Rod Avery.

Avery said that on July 20, the city used about 900,000 gallons of water, and had used as much as a million gallons, but that the city's wells are strong.

“We have four small wells, and two large wells, and we've pumped a lot of water, but there is still no problem,” Avery said.

“If we were consistently pumping a million gallons a day, we might need to think of rationing. But that isn't happening,” Avery added.

Boise City Mayor, Craig Sanders said that the city needs to pursue a REAP grant for another well to stay ahead of any potential shortages; however Avery points out that the city has more pressing problems. Avery, Sanders and the city board agree that preventative maintenance is more important.

“I think that's [a new well] a good idea,” Avery agreed.

But he added that for 2007, the city will try for a grant to refurbish their 79-year-old water tower located on Texas Ave. behind the offices of The Boise City News.

“That tower was built in 1927 for $75,000. The first elevated water tower was built in 1914. It's riveted and has some seepage. We need the inside sandblasted so we can look for pitted areas, and make repairs. Then we need to paint it inside and out,” Avery said.

With the tower project at the head of the list, Avery thinks that 2008 is a target date for grant money for a new well.

Then...replacement of transmission lines. Many of the lines running down the alleys behind Boise City homes are two-inch lines fed off of newer six-inch lines. The smaller lines are older and corrosion has made their internal diameters even smaller.

Then, Avery points out some of the service to homes depends on the owner replacing older, smaller lines in their own home.

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