Felt Public Schools are gearing up for an exciting year! Any students who are new to Felt need to enroll as soon as possible. Secretary Pam Shelden is going to take over as cafeteria manager this year, but for now, she's serving as secretary and therefore in charge of enrollment for the 06-07 school year. We would appreciate it if any new students would enroll as soon as possible. Call 580/426-2220 to be sure Pam is in and bring your paperwork and your child to enroll right away! School officially begins August 17, so that's not far down the road.

Parents have been calling to get a list of school supplies needed for next year. We have it available at the school, so parents can come by or call any time to get the list for their child's grade(s). We'd appreciate parents enrolling their children as soon as possible, so you can get the list and enroll at the same time.

We have some new staff members on board this year. Shelly Worm will be moving to 1 st and 2 nd grade, so Melissa Spell will be taking the helm of the 3 rd and 4 th graders. Carla Ogle is jumping on board as a paraprofessional. Martha Shank will be our new custodian this year. Mrs. Ramos will continue helping in the kitchen, this time being responsible for cooking and serving breakfast. Pam Shelden, who has been the school's secretary for some time, will be taking the reins as cafeteria manager. We hope everyone will celebrate our changes and welcome new staff and staff in new roles.

We'd like to be public about our thanks to Jim Bade. He's our science teacher and chose to pitch in this summer to help us prepare the school for next year. The floors are so bright and beautiful we sometimes think the lights have been left on! He and Mrs. Ramos, with help from Jim Bade's daughter Sara who is just about to head off to college, have the school in gorgeous shape to begin our new school year.

We're especially excited about some new events this year. Beginning August 28, we're undertaking a testing program called Measures of Academic Preparation (MAP). MAP testing will be conducted three times during this school year to allow students to see specific, personal growth toward academic goals. MAP testing is a computerized adaptive testing program that is nationally standardized for math, English, reading, and science for grades 2-12.

In October, Missoula Children's Theatre will be here to assist our entire student body (K-12) in putting on a complete dramatic production of The Jungle Book . Deanna Francis has agreed to serve as our pianist. Be watching for news about this October program for a whole week of Felt's students “monkeying around” to put on this production for the public.

October 30, Brent Daniels of Academic Entertainment will be putting on a digital music performance for all of our students. He lives in Los Angeles as a successful music producer. His credits include “Road Rage,” “Charlie's Angels II,” and “In God's Hands.” He became a musical producer because he was pushed by his school teachers, so now he wants to return the favor to today's kids. We're looking forward to the assembly!

The point of federal legislation known as “No Child Left Behind” is to ensure that all students advance academically with a year's worth of growth for each school year, or more if the student is behind. That's a huge simplification of the whole legislation, but it's what drives Felt: no Felt child can ever be left behind!

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