by Norma Gene Young

My family had a reunion in Amarillo last week. There were 19 of us from New York, Boston, Texas, Oklahoma, New Mexico, and Kansas. Amarillo's Ambassador Hotel may never be the same. I know I won't.

Some of us went on to Santa Fe for a few days. Don't anybody call me before 9 a.m. or after 9 p.m. for a week or so. I'll be asleep.

One of the girls, Nancy, (who grew up on Long Island and now lives near Boston) had never been on a ranch, so she and her mother were at Canadian for a few days, at Sandie and David Cook's place. She was out riding a horse, which was scary for her, and later she told us she saw a snake that was “folded”. Now I've seen snakes that were coiled, slithering, and in a few other positions, but I've never seen one “folded”. I think Nancy learned a lot while she was in Texas.


I've seen shots on TV several times lately of “horrible” dust storms rolling across Arizona. They are tan colored and probably 50 feet high. They are the worst storms they've ever seen. They are terrible. They even caused the sun to almost disappear for a while.

Those pitiful people don't know nuthin about dust storms!

And thank the dear Lord nobody here who was born after the 1930s knows about such things either.


Martha Stewart has been sooo busy making money the past few years that she hasn't had time to go to a hairdresser. Now that she'll be doing time in jail, perhaps there will be a former beauty operator in a nearby cell who can chop off that wad of hair that has been continually hanging down over Martha's eyes for years.

I didn't dream this one up, but it's worth repeating, because I know a woman just like that: “She could talk to a table leg and figure they both got something out of it.”

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