Collins' Comments

by Kelly Collins

Are you sick of things the way they are and the direction they are heading? I am.

Our economy responds directly to the fears of the consumer. Terror has made a lot of people fearful and I am not scoffing at that. I might be afraid of being bombed or getting anthrax etc. if I lived somewhere a terrorist might think would be a good target.


My dad told me one time it was okay to be afraid just don't let it show. The Israelis have a market bombed; they first clean up the mess, mourn their dead, retaliate in kind and back to business as usual.


Franklin D. Roosevelt said “The only thing we have to fear is fear itself.” He was right then and his words ring true for today. Our collective fear is damaging our economy. Be afraid if you can't help it, but don't let it show. Not in the way you conduct your life. Not in the way you travel or the decisions you make on purchases.

I looked in my book of quotes and I can't find this old one. “The coward dies a thousand deaths, the brave but one.” To give into the fear caused by terrorism is to give in to terrorism itself.

Take the Israeli point of view, do what needs doing and get on with your lives. Be brave and show no fear.

We should not ignore the terrorists and do the old stick your head in the sand routine. Nothing ever went away by ignoring it.

I know a secret about bravery. Some times it is the only option left. It is not always an act of courage but an act of necessity.

It is time again to be the home of the brave.

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