Korean Era Veterans (1950-1959)


We now begin publishing veterans who served from 1950 through 1959. Anyone who lives or has lived in Cimarron County and served in the military is eligible to have their name engraved on this Korean Era stone. We are asking for donations of $15 per name to help with the cost of the engraving. There are currently 230 names on this list, but we realize that there may be many missing. We ask your help in correcting this list as soon as possible. We currently do not have anyone who died while in service on this list.

(A-F) Alexander, Alfred; Armstrong, Irwin; Atkinson, Mack D; Aycock, Benjamin F; Aycock, Lee Roy (pd); Aycock, Robert (pd); Bagwell, LeRoy; Baker, Eugene; Baker, Robert A(pd); Balenseifen, Herman; Ballard, Earl ?; Ballard, Leland; Barnes, Truman H; Bass, Sammie W; Bass, Walter D; Beckett, Charles F; Begley, Jimmie; Behrendt, Vernon T; Black, Bill J or Jimmie?; Board, John; Bocock, Robert L; Booker, Leon H Jr; Brandt, Gunther(pd); Broce, Fred L Jr; Brown, Richard (pd); Brown, H. Weldon(pd); Bryan, Jack; Burgess, Francis; Burns, Archie G; Burton, Dallas?; Burton, Kenneth A; Cayton, Billy G(pd); Chapman, Gerald D; Chapman, John T; Christian, Kenneth; Clampitt, Vic; Clifford, Eddie R; Coble, Darrel A; Cochran, Charles; Compton, Ronald W; Conger, Charles; Conner, B Gerald; Conner, Kenneth; Cook, Carroll R; Copeland, Lawrence(pd); Couch, D A; Crabtree, W Roger(pd); Crews, Fred B; Cryer, Melvin; Daffern, Douglas E; Daniel, Harry; Daniels, Jimmie D; Davidson, Jim; Davis, Bill; Davis, Jerry; Davis, Myron; Davis, Warren; DeLay, John(pd); Dickinson, J T; Diedrich, Dempsey; Dodd, Charles; Ellard, Denton R; Elliott, Gordon A; Elliott, Marvin; English, Ernest W; Ferguson, Nina; Finch, Charles; Flippen, Ron; Forbes, Vernon; Ford, Everett; Foust, Ray; Francis, Charles; Francis, Curtis; Fujita, Richard T. and Funk, K R.

Additions and corrections may be made by calling 580-544-3479 or by email: museum@ptsi.net or CHC,P.O. Box 214/Boise City, OK 73933. There is a short time to make additions or corrections to the previous veterans lists which have been published. Time is running out.

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