Dear Editor,

Your personal editorial site is always titled, “Slinging a Smooth Stone.” However, your recent article questioning the actions of Christian values in the treatment of terrorist prisoners, struck me in my head causing profuse bleeding. Now as I sit at my computer writing this letter to you, I at some point will remove the duct tape that I have wrapped around my head to keep it from exploding. Your article that day should have been titled, “Slinging a Sharp Jagged Stone that has struck Michael David in the head.” Your references to the scripture, (which I did research) are true and your scripture quotes were correct word for word. Now, as an ex-military soldier who served during the Reagan years, I am here to “Sling my own personal Jagged Stone” Back At YOU ! Smooth, I am not!

I have been reading your newspaper for years. Yes, I have missed a few issues due to subscription lapses and even though you I are related, family members do buy subscriptions to your paper. I cannot remember at anytime you writing any article condeming the torture and murder of our troops and their rights.

Recently two young soldiers were slaughtered in Baghdad. Pictures of these individuals are on the internet if you care to look. I personally recommend that you do not for I have seen these pictures and they are absolutely repulsive. At no time have I seen any article written by you condeming the slaughter of these individuals. In addition, I have never once read an article written by you condeming any act of terror by the individuals and or organizations carrying out these atrocities. Yet, you wish to chastise Christians for their beliefs of, “An eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth.”

Must I remind you that the two slaughtered soldiers are part of a volunteer Army. These two soldiers along with millions of other soldiers, elected officials and even our Commander-In-Chief have voluntarily taken an oath. This oath is not to protect the American People, terrorists or even to protect American borders. This oath plainly states, “I will support and defend the constitution of the United States against all enemies Foreign and Domestic.” The individuals that you have all of this compassion for are Foreign enemies. Period! These individuals do not wear uniforms therefore, they are not protected under the Geneva Convention. The Geneva convention is a very Constitutional like vehicle designed to protect the civil rights of prisoners not terrorists who do not wear a uniform. In short, these individuals have no rights under the Geneva Convention or our constitution. They are not citizens of this country therefore, they are not governed by our constitution and have no American Civil Rights. Note the word, “American.”

Individuals such as yourself all over this nation are writing sympathy articles for individuals who plain and simply are “murders.” Your article leads me to believe that you feel that you can sit down and have a cup of tea or perhaps a glass of wine with these indivudals and try to understand them. May I suggest something to you. Perhaps you should return to your youth. Step back outside onto the playground with that High School bully that once or twice beat you up. Allow that bully to throw the first punch. As the bully is punching you in the face and your eye becomes black, I would like to know how long will it take you to knock out his tooth? In addition, after you have fought back and you are wounded, I would like to know if you will be concerned with your enemies well being or concerned with your safety? You Mr. David, are misinformed. Terrorists are not prisoners they are murders. If we do not kill them they will kill us. If you do not believe that they will kill us, just ask the individuals who jumped to their deaths attempting to avoid the intense heat inside the Twin Towers. Or better yet, ask their children who are without Mothers and Fathers. Perhaps that day you were under a rock and have not heard of September 11th? Your words of compassion for these individuals are sickening and dangerous. I say to you that no democracy has ever been destroyed from the outside. Democries that have been destroyed have all been destroyed from within. Therfore, I stand with all soldiers and say to you Mr. David, “Against all enemies foreign and domestic.”

Michael David

Yukon, Oklahoma

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