This week I got another pet. This time I got something different than usual. I did not get a dog or a cat, I got a baby bunny.

Since we got her last week we have trained her to be a house broken bunny, which makes mom very happy. It all started last week when we went to Dumas and we stopped at the farm store. We saw Cuddles (her name) and I begged my parents so hard when my dad said yes I started crying because I thought he would say no.

When we got home with her I immediately got on the internet to do some research on this little ball of fur. I found out how to care for her and keep her safe by bunny proofing the house.

So far we have been getting along so well that when I sit in my bean bag chair she sits right on my stomach and watches TV with me. My mom says I am going to teach her to be a couch potato if I don't start making her run around a little bit.

I bet you would never guess that a house bunny after they have been with you for about a month will sleep in your bed with you and sit in your lap. Now I don't know if you know how big these rabbits get but trust me you would not want one in the bed with you much less in your lap. She has gotten so much bigger in a week's time I am kind of scared to see how much bigger she will get in a month and maybe my cat should be too. Well I guess you will hear more stories about this ornery little ball of fur as we get to know each other.

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