Keyes' Emalee Hanvey wows ‘em on a trampoline in Chicago

Emalee Hanvey, of Keyes placed 14th out of 39 on the trampoline, at the USAG Trampoline and Tumbling Nationals in Schaumberg , Ill. (Just outside Chicago .)

She also placed 11th out of 36 on the Double-Mini, and 10th out of 30 in tumbling.

Emalee, and her sisters Elli and Estee, the daughters of Tim and Tisa Hanvey have traveled to Starz Gymnastics in Amarillo during the past school year for Tumbling and Trampoline training.

During June, in competition in Lubbock , Emalee became the Texas , level 6 11&12 year old state champion, and the level 5 runner-up in tumbling.

Sister Elli brought home the Level 2 nine-year old Tumbling and Double-Mini Texas State Championship.

Sister Estee, who had brought home gold from several meets throughout the year was eliminated.

In July the Hanvey trio assaulted the Region III Tumbling and Trampoline championships. This region covers Texas , Louisiana , Utah and New Mexico .

Emalee came away as Region III, Level 5 Runner-up.

Elli is the Region III level 2 Tumbling Champion, Runner-up on the Double-Mini, and Fourth place in trampoline

Estee is the Region III Level 2 Tumbling and Double-Mini Champion and the Level 3 Trampoline Runner-up.

However, only children in Level 5 and above are qualified for the national meet. Emalee then had to compete in two more qualifying meets, where she qualified in all three events.

The community hosted fund-raisers for entry fees, coaches fees and travel expenses.

Our thanks go to Tisa Hanvey for the information in this article, and to Esther Isreal for forwarding it to us.

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