An American success story...

Rakhi Patel, a first generation American is an Ambassadorial Scholar for the Rotary International. She visited the Boise City club on July 12. Patel's parents, are East-Indian by way of Africa . They emigrated to El Dorado , Kan. , where they opened a Mexican Restaurant. Patel speaks in addition to English, one Indian dialect, Chinese, and Korean. She traveled recently to Korea where she lived and studied. She explained that from poverty in 1951 during the Korean War, South Korea has become the 10th largest economy in the world. Her main sponsor in Korea was a recently retired national news reporter. “It's like I was sponsored by Diane Sawyer,” Patel quipped. There were also a group of 28 women who looked after Patel during her stay. “Each wanted to make sure I had plenty to eat,” she smiled. She explained that South Korea has a literacy rate of 90 percent, and that the nation has high hopes for their continued success.

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