Politicians and their lackeys need to sit down and shut up

by C.F. David,


The Boise City News

Returning from a vacation and trying to jump onto a news horse that never stops running isn't easy. I watched very little TV news while I was off, and read no newspapers.

A lot of things have happened in the last week, both locally and nationally; it will take some time, and perhaps some helpful tips, for me to catch up.

However, I have noticed that Karl Rove, the president's Texas buddy and Chief of Staff has now admitted that he might have mentioned the fact that Valarie Plame, the wife of U.S. Ambassador Joe Wilson was a CIA operative.

This mess came down in about 2003 as Wilson openly criticized the administration for it's decision to go to war with Iraq. Wilson was highly suspicious of White House claims that Saddam had shopped for weapons grade uranium in Niger, (he hadn't).

At the time, the White House needed no critics of it's decision to go to war; and if the accusations against Rove are true, it brooked none.

Rove, is the same loudmouth who recently accused liberals of being soft on terrorists. It was a remark that already had the White House on the defensive. The news that he might have unmasked a CIA agent probably wasn't welcome news.

In 2004 President Bush said that if any member of the administration had blown Plame's cover, they'd be gone. It's time for the president to ante up. Rove shouldn't be given the opportunity to step aside. He should be fired immediately; otherwise, the credibility of the Bush White House will take another hit it doesn't need.

Now for the other side of the political spectrum. The Democrats need to muzzle both their house leader, Nancy Pelosi of California and New York's Junior Senator Hillary Clinton.

Pelosi, stupidly remarked recently that the war in Afghanistan was over and that the troops should be pulled out.

Since Pelosi began chewing on one of her shoes, more than 20 U.S. troops have died and several Afghan border guards were killed and or beheaded.

I wonder if her staff have informed her the war isn't yet over? Because she obviously doesn't read newspapers or the intelligence briefs congressmen are privy to.

Meanwhile Sen. Clinton, who whether or not Republicans like it or not, may be the Democrats best shot in 2008, foolishly compares President Bush to Mad Magazines Alfred E. Nueman as she attacked the president on the economy, tax cuts and support for troops in the field.

Clinton has legitimate challenges to Bush's policies. The price for the war in Iraq is I believe above $180 billion and climbing by the second. It seems a foolish time for tax cuts. But if Clinton is to criticize and at the same time seem credible she shouldn't stoop to cartoon character comparisons. She should stay to the issues and state her case.

The word for the week is: vexillology

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