by Norma Jean Young

It happened again last week. A young woman on an Amarillo TV station was talking about problems in Potter County and she called it “Potty Counter”. Heck, I could do that well. 1 should have gone into TV news.



Since half the town has been accusing me of being in my second childhood recently, I guess I should explain my ailment to the rest of the town. I have had whooping cough for about 10 weeks. Don't laugh. I haven't seen a lot of humor in it.

I went to Doctor Wheeler in the hope that he could help my bad cough. He immediately told me I had whooping cough. 1 told him 1 couldn't have it. I had a bad case of it when I was a year old. (My mother told me that. I don't remember it.) But he said that had been so long ago that it wouldn't help me now. That really made me feel good!

I suppose I was exposed to it (this time) in Amarillo a while back when I went to a doctor down there. I learned later that there had been several cases in that area, and I guess my usual good luck was holding.

Doctor Wheeler has given me numerous medications I'd never heard of, which are helping. He told me it is likely that I will not give it to any adults, but he cautioned me to stay away from the very young, because I am still coughing.

When it is necessary for me to go to town, I try to go when I won't be around a lot of people. So if you see me somewhere, wave. I'll try to avoid coughing in your direction.


Lois Mae Evans of Mountain View, Wyo., a former Cimarron County resident, sent me a very good poem about those darned insects: millers! I can't print it here, since I don't have permission from the magazine in which it appeared. And I'd hate to get sued. But thanks, Lois. I'm always happy to know somebody has read my column.

The woman who wrote the poem evidently feels as I do about the cussed insects. The only thing that puzzles me is why we didn't have more this year.I counted a total of three!

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