Hello all,

Sorry that I missed last week but I was deathly ill, well sort of. I was deathly tired from the trip we took to Oklahoma City .

Last week was the fourth of July and as you know that is when all the kids shoot off fire crackers. I, for once in my life, got rained out. But I got two umbrellas and put my fire crackers under one and I put myself under the other and hoped that my mom would not tell me to come in. I made it for a while. Then just as I suspected mom called me in and trust me, I did not go in by my own free will.

Early that morning it wasn't raining yet and we enjoyed a wonderful parade. Mrs. Cutter's family did a great job getting it all together. I think we should make this an annual event. So does everyone else I have talked to.

There was a big crowd and most even walked around the block with us. We went by the nursing home and they all waved to us from the parking lot. We ended up back at Mrs. Cutter's house where we ate lots of glorious cookies that Robbie was so generous to make for us. We really appreciate all the work they did to make this a memorable event.

This is just another reason it is so awesome to live in a small town where everyone cares about their neighbors. I think this is one my favorite Fourth of July parties ever. I can't wait until next year.

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