Detailing the issues

by Lorrie Tevabaugh

The United States is a democratic republic and because of its political outline and the frame of mind of most Americans, we can agree to oppose each other on issues and not destroy each other because of our differing viewpoints.

In March, the Felt school board did not rehire a popular coach. Some in the community disagreed with the school board's decision while others supported it. Political action was taken, democratic steps followed, and the school board ultimately held to their original ruling. Even as many in the community voiced differing views on the coach debate, most agreed then, and still agree, that God works good through all things. Another thing that the people of Felt have always agreed on is that the well-being of our children remains the focus of our efforts.

Are the people of Felt embarrassed and outraged by what has been done to the Jeff Funk family? Yes! We are extremely irate and want the perpetrator to know that behavior such as this won't be tolerated in our hometown. In the face of such world turmoil and real world problems why are we being forced to worry about someone threatening others in our neighborhood? It is amazing that the acts of a single bad seed can spoil the reputation of an entire community. The people of Felt will eventually see those responsible held accountable.

I felt the need to write this column because as a parent I am frustrated and angry that my personal children are considered by some to be part of a supposed bad bunch of teens-from Felt. As a teacher, I am frustrated and angry that my students are considered by some to be in that supposed bad bunch of Felt teens. As a school employee I am angry that an administrator was threatened to the point of having to leave our area and the job he hoped to hold for many years. Most of all; I am concerned about what a negative example this has been for our youth. Do we show our young people that disagreements can and should be handled in such threatening, non-Christian like ways? I sure hope that is not what our youth are learning. Somebody out there falsely thinks that by threatening others, they are standing up for the former coach Andrew McClung, but Coach McClung himself, as a Christian man, loathes such behavior. What an ironically sad situation.

The Felt school, its youth, and the Felt churches, are the glue that bind a wonderful community together. I've heard it said of late that our churches are split, our school faculty is at odds, and that our village as a whole is falling apart. I disagree. What I do see is Satan trying to test a community led by God. Evil has a toe in the door and it is our place to slam that door in evil's face. I know, because of our faith, Felt is, and will remain, a place where neighbors are neighbors, regardless of their church denomination, or where they stood on the coach issue.

Others in our county ask, what can be done to help the situation in Felt? I say, report any wrongdoing that you know. Don't judge the town or the teens by what one or two are doing. Please don't gossip about the situation, inflame any negative emotions, or in any way fuel the evil. Mostly, I ask you to pray. Pray the evil out of our community.

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