Slinging a Smooth Stone

by C.F. David, Editor The Boise City News

Cimarron County has a terrorist in it

Jeff Funk makes no bones about it; someone may have threatened his children; he's leaving the job he wanted to keep forever. Funk, the former Felt School Superintendent, admits the threat on his children is only a rumor; nothing concrete or tangible. What is tangible however, is that his family pets, two dogs, were poisoned. Two rabbits were found in his garage with their throats slashed; the second arriving the night after he had withdrawn his first resignation.

Tammy Swinburne, who helmed the Felt schools before Funk, now admits that her children were threatened with being run over by a vehicle.

Her threat came in the form of an anonymous letter.

I have no proof that the incidents are related; but Funk, and Cimarron County Sheriff David Dunn both agree; this is terrorism.

The individual(s) who have done this, are in my opinion, world-class coward(s).

Targeting the helpless; animals, and children, takes no courage. Besides, if there really is something wrong in the Felt School system, handle it like others do, in the Superintendent's office or at the ballot box when the board members run.

Sometimes letters, and for sure rumors, need more than one individual to give them life. Somewhere, out there, is an individual who knows the correct identity; and in knowing, they harbor a criminal. They should call and tell the authorities who it is.


It is sad enough that two families have been frightened. But acts such as these place a blight on the community of Felt and in turn Cimarron County; a blight that must be found and removed.

How can the school hope to attract quality teaching candidates with this kind of history?

We need to stop them; now; before someone is seriously injured.

Money talks. Perhaps a reward could be offered for the arrest and charges against, the perpetrator(s).

The word for the week is bounty.


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