Do right by our veterans

The cost is minimal -$15 per name. A small group of people who live in the county and, some who still keep in touch, think the project is long overdue and worthwhile. How do you feel? Do you think it is time for Cimarron County to honor our veterans? If you do, the time has come to donate!

One-hundred-twenty individuals have donated at least $15 toward the memorial; 19 individuals have donated $100 or more; 6 individuals or organizations have donated $200 or more; the VFW Auxiliary Post #1092 and the Keyes American Legion donated $500 or more; and the Gunther Brandt Memorial Fund donated over $1000.

Donations for names are as follows: 14 of 28 Civil War veterans; three of 16 Spanish-American War veterans; and 31 of 304 World War I veterans. The largest number of veterans served during World War II, and 164 of 699 veterans' names have been paid. So, as you can see, a small number of friends and families have donated to this worthwhile project . Many veterans still have descendants who continue to live in Cimarron County.

This project's goal has been to honor all veterans who live or have lived in Cimarron County. An effort has been made to include all veterans. However, without the support of family and friends of these veterans the project will stall. Veterans' Day in November of 2005 has been the goal for Phase I of this project, which is to get the granite markers in place on the south side of the French Building on the museum grounds.

Each granite stone, with names engraved, will cost $3,900. We will need at least five stones in order to list all of the veterans we currently have on file. The memorial will be open to the public at all times. It is imperative that this project stay on schedule, since we are losing so many of our veterans every day.

If you need more information, need to confirm a name, or would like to make a donation please contact the CHC museum at 580-544-3479 by email: or P.O. Box 214, Boise City, OK 73933.

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