Cimarron Memorial Hospital awaits date for CAT Scan arrival

by C.F. David

by C.F. David

Cimarron Memorial Hospital 's CEO, Patsy Shields, said she is waiting for an arrival date for the hospital's newest technology, a CAT Scan machine.

“I've got a call in to Shared Imaging in Kansas City , and they haven't called back,” Shields explained.

“They came out and did a site visit, but I haven't got an arrival date yet.

Asked if the hospital was also going to receive a machine for bone scans, Shields frowned and shook her head, “That option didn't work out. I want it here...I'll get it figured out,” she said.

“The drug rehab program still needs to happen. I think it's something the county needs. But that's down the road.” she added.

“We hope to have the day care open by August, before school starts. It will be open to the public. We are looking at a couple of different sites, but our grant responses are slow,” Shields said.

“I'd like to find something to lease until the first of the year.

Shields said that even with the departure of grant-writer Jolene Clinton, grant-writing will continue and that work is being done in the area of Tele-Medicine.

Shields continued by saying a potential physician had been interviewed. The man, in his forties is a General Practitioner from Michigan .

“He should make a decision in the next ten days,” Shields said.

In trying to expand medical care at the hospital and give the medical staff much needed relief, Shields has been in contact with a Colorado Nurse Practioner.

“We are waiting for a contract,” she said. Shields reported good progress with a grant from the Perkins-Protho Ranch which resulted in a new X-Ray film processor and money to apply toward the CAT Scan machine and its film and chemicals.

In addition, PTCI has helped by installing a new “Hearing Impaired” telephone for the Cimarron Memorial Nursing Home residents.

Shields explained that telephone problems had necessitated a new system being installed.

“I apologize for anyone having had trouble getting an answer,” Shields said. “But we've got it replaced and we have voice-mail so you can leave a message,” she added.

Shields said she was pleased by the turnout for the annual health fair.

“We had about 290 turn out for the health fair,” she said.

As for the hospital's day-to-day struggles, Shields said they continue.

“Every time we get to a certain point, we get a glitch like the phone system. That just hurts us that much more.”

“Our billing is actually doing very good. We've made a lot of improvements,” she added.

“But still we have issues, and we always will have. Right now, they are with our accounts receivable. Some will be written off, but over 60 percent of our AR is co-pay accounts, the deductible or non-insurance.”

Shields said esthetic changes continue, new paint, signage, etc.

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