Result of flag amendment could be scary

Later this week, the United States Senate could vote to “protect” the flag of the United States from desecration.

As with many the things the proposed 28th amendment looks good on the face of the issue. However, the result could be far from perfect.

Not long ago, news headlines were in an uproar, and average Americans shrugged, at accusations that U.S. troops had flushed or attempted flush copies of the Koran, the Islamic scriptures. In the Islamic world, buildings burned...alongside the American protest.

Several years ago, an Arab author, Salmon Rushdie had to go into hiding after writing a novel critical of Mohammad.

In contrast:

It was 230 years ago that our nation was founded on the principals of individual freedom.

One hundred forty-five years ago the nation was torn by and survived, a civil war.

Sixty-five years ago, a war was fought to eliminate a Facist Axis, and 20 years or more ago, the Communist constructed wall dividing Berlin was destroyed with hammers and heavy equipment.

We, and our forbears accomplished all of this without amendments establishing laws against burning flags, (or an official language).

These are elitist attempts to influence voters, needless politics.

If given a choice, would you rather live in a nation where its flag could be burned in protest, or a nation where critics of the regime hide in fear of their lives?

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