Kincannon, Armstrong, attend Boy's State

Dustin Kincannon and Joshua Armstrong, Seniors this fall at Boise City High School have returned from a week at Oklahoma's Boys State. Boy's State is an intensive week hosted by the American Legion that immerses it's attendees in the inner workings of state and federal government along with a healthy dose of patriotism and respect for the veterans who have won and preserved our freedoms.

Kincannon and Armstrong the sons of Ronald and Betty Kincannon and Ed and Frankie Armstrong, approached the event with respect for veterans, both of their fathers having served in the military.

The event is set up as a small state of about 700 boys, separated into cities; Kincannon was in Patric, Armstrong in Pettigo. Each city and the state holds elections, for electors, and office holders such as mayor and governor.

Kincannon was selected as an elector.

Both young men had heard about Boy's state from former attendees, Beau James and Daniel Lay.

“You get out of it, what you put into it,” Kincannon said. “I learned from that week to accept only my best work.”

“I also learned to value my freedom,” he added.

“I also learned we should all be more respectful of our veterans; for those who have fought for you.”

“I learned I should be more active in bettering my country; and my interest in politics,” Armstrong said.

“Usually the most outgoing individuals become mayors and office holders,” Armstrong observed.

“If you want to hold a state office, you had better be active from the very start,” he added.

“You learn to work to do your best, to make your city look it's best,” Kincannon said.

Both young men said they would recommend the experience to any of their friends in this year's junior class.

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