Workshop for strategic planning in the real world

Helping both new and startup businesses become stronger and more profitable will be the focus of an upcoming strategic planning workshop to be hosted by the Panhandle Regional Economic Development Coalition (PREDCI) on Tuesday, July 12, at the Bestwestern Townsman Motel in Guymon, announced Betty Viljoen, Executive Director of PREDCI. This is FREE workshop, but please call ahead to reserve your seat. Registration will begin at 8 a.m., and the day of learning will conclude no later than 4 p.m.

Facilitating the workshop will be Kimberlee Smithton, Business Development Coordinator at High Plains Technology Center in Woodward. Smithton, who facilitates over 200 workshops a year, works with both small and large businesses primarily on the western side of the state in the area of organizational development. She strives to keep the learning environment fast-paced, relevant and fun.

“Many business leaders approach strategic planning simply as something that must be done, or conversely, they won't even start the discussion because the process seems too overwhelming,” Smithton said. “Further, if a plan is developed, it may contain grandiose words that look extremely well hanging on a wall in the front office, but lack relevancy in the day-to-day operations of the business.

“Good strategic plans provide a reason or justification for every business decision made. But, developing a good strategic plan takes time. Leaders must be committed to the process.”

According to Smithton, participants in the workshop can expect to learn the various elements of the strategic planning process and then begin to develop a mission and vision statement for their specific business entity.

Other topics to be addressed at length include building customer service intitiatives and the importance of developing marketing tools.

To reserve a seat for this workshop, please contact Betty Viljoen at 580-338-8500.

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